The Drunken Beginning – First BC Vocal Session

The room feels a little tense at 7:30, half an hour after the Bang Camaro vocal session was scheduled to begin. A few of the band’s lead singers have yet to show, and the clock is ticking. Unable, or unwilling, to wait any longer, Alex picks up his acoustic guitar and strums the first chords to their new song “Push Push (Lady Lightning.)” It’s time to get to work. Bryn steps forward with lyric sheet in hand and begins to outline the four part harmony of the chorus. He is obviously a little nervous to let loose in front of the incredible group of Boston rock vocalists that have assembled for what The Camaro is calling Strike Team Night. He slams down his first Miller High Life, takes a deep breath, and howls “Push! Push! Lady Lightning! Push! Puuuuush!” The group erupts into laughter and excitement.

It’s on.

Within 2 takes, and less than 5 minutes, the guys are roaring the chorus. Alex has stepped up to be the vocal coach while Bryn and Dave move to the control room. Between each take quick hand signals are used to decide if it’s a keeper and if the vocalists should move on. The goal is to finish the harmonies for five songs tonight, which is a staggering amount of work. What’s even more staggering is the amount of amount of beer being consumed. Bang Camaro showed up to the studio with over 100 frothy beverages, and it’s becoming apparent the demand exceeds the supply. I’m afraid there could be a riot brewing.

After “Lady Lightning” the guys yell their way through a Dokken-esque rocker and a song written by Boston pop hero Bleu. Weighing in at a lean three words, the song shows exactly what Bang Camaro is all about.

Then things start to get ugly.

The arena-style power ballad (known only as “The Ballad”) is next. The chorus turns the group of vocalists into a heaving mass of testosterone, as only a ballad can do. The beers, and the layers of harmonies, begin to flow a little faster now. Off to the left I hear a crash. Lead Vocalist Nick Given, stretching a monstrous 7 feet tall, falls into a wall of vintage keyboards and guitars. Lead Vocalist Jared Marsh is there to catch a falling Fender Jaguar. No nicks. No damage, save for Nick’s pride (and ankle). He gets off the ground, self medicates and attempts to pull it together for the final song. From the control room, Moontower Studio owner Mike Quinn states that this is the best song ever recorded. Bleu drops his pants.

Luckily, the final song is a G’n’R type rocker that should only be sung by drunks. The 10 lead vocalists do their best to bleed on the microphone while praying to the god of liquor. The takes sound miraculously good, but it’s obvious that time is running out. After a few more passes, the first session is officially over. “I can’t believe I have to go back and sing in my other stupid band tomorrow.” said a lead singer as he stumbled out the door.

The next, and last, vocal session occurs two weeks from today. “The great thing about tonight” explains Bassist Doz, “is that everything happened as it should. People got drunk and had fun.” We all tip our glasses at the Druid in Inman Square and I can’t help but wonder what the Camaro boys have in plan next.

-Heather Simone.